Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally on the trail. I'm seein it, I'm doint it.

Right after this posting we will be putting various photos sent to us from Donovan in sequence.

Finally, some pictures from the P.C.T.!

This is just a few minutes before getting back on the trail. Notice the jugs of water that "Trail Angels" have left. That's me in the back. (Mom)

Leaving Tehachapi Pass for the next section of the trail that will lead to Kennedy Meadows.

I am the messenger right now. Donovan, the “Wizz” is out on the trail. He has been out there for a while now. Once he is back from his adventure, he will be downloading video and be able to tell you more. Right now, we just wanted to get some pictures out there for anyone who has hiked the trail or is hiking the trail now and might want to check out this site when coming down into a town.

I’m Anne, Donovan’s mom. We were able to drive out to Tehachapi May 27th and met him. Probably the last time we will see him for quit a long time. He is doing fantastic, and is going at a pretty good pace. I am amazed at the food all the hikers can pack down, once in a town. “Fuel for the next section!”

We dropped him off at the 58, Cameron Overpass on May 28th, late in the morning. We have had one cell phone message this morning, June 1st, and he is well on his way towards Kennedy Meadows, and should be there June 4th or 5th. All is well except for some blisters, which go with the territory. There is a hundred and forty something miles on this leg of the trail.

Donovan has met all kinds of great people hiking the trail, is enjoying all of it, and has video of many fellow hikers.

He has also had some interesting encounters with some rattlesnakes, which he has on video, along with a huge flock of sheep, which seemed to want to be herded along the trail, because they just didn’t want to move out of his way.

For now though, he hopes you enjoy the pictures. They are in order of the download we have, and Donovan’s stepdad is the one to thank for putting this message and all the pictures on.

Donovan also sends a big thank you to all the fantastic Trail Angels that help all the hikers along the way, and a special thanks to P.C.T.A., and the great information they give and the work they do to preserve the Pacific Crest Trail! One person has become my Trail Angel, Brenda. Thanks for everything! Anyone interested in helping with the trail or the hikers, please check out their site!

He also sends his love to friends and family who are supporting him along his journey and encouragement to all the fellow hikers out there on the trail!

Enjoy the pics!

Thanks for reading and we will post more pics to share as “Wizz” sends them!

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