Thursday, June 5, 2008

More pictures from the Pacific Crest Trail: Series No.3

More pictures from the Pacific Crest Trail:

We heard from Donovan and he is in Kennedy Meadows. He actually got there Tuesday, June 3rd. All is good!

He blew out his shoes, and we have mailed him some more which should arrive tomorrow. He really wants to continue on, and is just waiting for the emergency shoe package.

Checking the P.C.T.A., they have a report of a fire 5 miles north of Kennedy Meadows, but the trail is open, and the hikers are being aloud to continue on.

He is anxious to get to Mt. Whitney, which he intends to climb. There is a family history regarding this.

My grandmother Grace, Donovan's great grandmother hiked to the top of Mt Whitney with my father, Peter, and his brother when Donovan's grandfather was very young. I have never made the climb, but I am very proud that my son, Donovan is.

For now, here are more pictures for all of you to enjoy, and Donovan "Wizzz" thanks you for reading!
Our next post will be of people on the trail.

Donovan's Mom

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